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Animated Plays

The only animated Play Book for iPad

Record your plays in real time. Scrub through tactics with precision control, or sit back and watch your masterpiece unfold.

Many Sports

A sport for every occasion.

Huddleboard comes bundled with five different sports: football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and baseball. You can also download additional sports if needed.

Easy Sharing

Share your plays with the team

Easily share your plays via email. You can send a snapshot of the play, or the entire play file. Sharing plays is a great way to collaborate with colleagues.

Recording Play

Record Plays

Capture your Ideas

Bring your plays to life. Record player movements with ease.

Playback Scrubber

Play Scrubber

Review with Precision

Demonstrate the play to the team at your pace.


Play Book

Save for Later

Archive your plays for future reference or modification.

Player Labels

Player Labels

Identify your Team

Assist the team in identifying where they should be.